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Machining and welding:

  1. High-productivity wire-cut EDM Mitsubishi MV-1200S
  2. Vertical milling machining center HAAS VF-2
  3. HAAS TL-1 lathe machine
  4. Drilling EDM AD-10
  5. Locksmith and welding area
  6. Other products and services

EDM Mitsubishi MV-1200S

High-productivity wire-cut EDM Mitsubishi MV-1200S

High-productivity wire-cut electro discharge machine

  1. Caliper positioning accuracy, ±0.0025 mm;
  2. Caliper positioning repeatability, ±0.0025 mm;
  3. Working area parameters (L.W.H): 400x300x200 mm.

Smart PLD high temperature 5-axys system

Vertical milling machining center HAAS VF-2

  • Positioning accuracy along X/Y/Z axes, mm - ±0.0050;
  • Positioning repeatability along X/Y/Z axes, mm - ±0.0025;
  • Working area parameters (L.W.H):762x406x508 mm.
HAAS TL-1 lathe machine

HAAS TL-1 lathe machine

CNC Toolroom Series Lathe

  • Caliper positioning accuracy, ±0.010 mm;
  • Caliper positioning repeatability, ±0.005 mm;
  • Working area parameters;
  • Maximum machined outer diameter, 406 mm;
  • Max. turning length between centers, 762 mm.
SuperCap 2.0 PLD nanocarbon setup

Drilling EDM AD-24

Drilling EDM for starting holes AD24

The maximum dimensions of the workpiece - 830x570x300 mm

Processed material:

all conductive materials including

  • steel;
  • copper;
  • copper;
  • aluminum alloys;
  • hard alloys;
  • titanium;
  • high temperature steels.
SuperCap 3.0 PLD setup for special materials

Locksmith and welding area

The complex of production capabilities and the experience accumulated in our team. We produce custom vacuum equipment of the most unusual shapes and sizes from various alloys: vacuum chambers for special purposes with high-precision orientation of the chamber elements, which allows us to maintain the exact value of the spatial angles between the axes of individual elements.

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