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Contract development for academia and industry

The KönigsSystems is a technology company focused on the development and implementation of technological solutions applicable to production and research.
The company has considerable experience and competence in instrumentation, development, and modernization of various industrial vacuum systems and non-standard vacuum equipment, and mobile growth chambers.

KönigsSystems is a resident of the DESY Innovation Initiative (DESY Spin-off), established in 2018.

Our products and services

    Coherent PLD setup

    Pulsed laser depositions setups and systems.

    Design and manufacture complex laser and vacuum systems

    • 1 kW fiber Pused Laser Deposition setup;
    • Large-scale PLD setup for special materials;
    • Mini PLD system;
    • Smart PLD high temperature 5-axys system;
    • PLD cubic modular vacuum chamber @P23 DESY;
    • In-line PLD setup @ MARIA instrument - FZ Jülich, FRM-II;
    • Coherent PLD setup;
    • Project setup of catalyst ribbon pulsed laser coating;
    • Project setup of catalyst sheets pulsed laser coating;
    • Project setup of caytalyst micro-granuled pulsed laser coating.

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    Coherent PLD setup

    X-ray and neutron setups.

    • Compact HV transfocator;
    • Rotary water-cooled beryllium target for compact neutron source;
    • Homogeneous catalysis fluorescent cell;
    • Homogeneous catalysis transmission cell.
    • Be-diamond Beam position monitor

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    Coherent PLD setup

    Machining and welding.

    • High-productivity wire-cut EDM Mitsubishi MV-1200S;
    • Vertical milling machining center HAAS VF-2;
    • HAAS TL-1 lathe machine;
    • Drilling EDM AD-10;
    • Locksmith and welding area;

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    Development and production of custom electronics:

    • Opto-electronics for scientific labs
    • Low-noise analog schemes
    • Digital DAQ and control tools
    • Remote control tools
    Thin Film Structures Deposition

    Thin Film Structures Deposition

    Development and manufacturing of custom single and multi-layer systems for

    • Reflective coatings for laser and X-ray research
    • Conducting and non-conductive surfaces for nano-electronics
    • Functional coatings for photonic electronics
    • Biocompatible surfaces
    • Durable surfaces
    Advanced Machining

    Advanced Machining

    Contract development of mechanical parts made of soft and hard metal using

    • 5-Axis CNC milling machine
    • Precision electrical discharge machining
    • Fiber laser cutting and engraving
    Precision lab tools

    Precision lab tools

    We can help you to perform your scientific experiments applying cutting-edge technologies to:

    • Measure ultra-low voltages and currents
    • Detect weak or noisy optical signals
    • Apply ultra-stable voltage references
    • Give us a task

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    Our team

    Our team photo

    A team of 11 full-time professionals and 5 external experts (from Academia) ensure the company's success in the field of new materials and devices for science and industry:

    • CEO: Dr. Alex Goikhman;
    • Scientists: Dr. Ksenina Maksimova, Dr. Alex Grunin, O. Dikaya, E. Maznitsyna;
    • Engeneers: P. Prokopovich, A. Dolgoborodov, E. Fatyanov, E. Zuev;
    • Administrative staff: S. Antipina, A. Mitrushina, I. Levitska.

    Contact us

    Impressum: Königssystems UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Borgfelde 6, 22869, Schenefeld, Germany

    Trade Register: Pinneberg HRB17076PI

    CEO: Aleksandr Goikhman

    VAT: DE319347442

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